About Us

Here at Oh Crystal Honey, we bring you hand selected crystals and minerals for your collection. Our love for collecting crystals started from a young age with family heirlooms like jade bracelets and crystal jewelry. Jade bangles and pendants passed down from generations before us to provide good luck and fortune has always been an important value to my family. From there, we've grown to appreciate and learn more about minerals around the world, whether it be their amazing geology or healing benefits.

Every purchase benefits a local non-profit no-kill animal shelter

A portion of every purchase will go to Social Tees Animal Rescue in New York City. They are a non-profit, strictly no-kill 501c3 organization in the East Village of NYC that takes abandoned animals from kill shelters and provides them with safe haven and veterinary care before placing them in proper forever homes. We have a special place in our heart for them because it is where Honey was from! You can learn more about their amazing work on their website here!

  • Hi! I'm Jane. (Founder/Curator/Dog treats dispenser)
    I’m a photographer, full-time dog mom to Honeytamtams, and now the owner and curator for Oh Crystal Honey. Working in the digital space for the majority of my career, I've grown to appreciate the tangible beauty of crystals and minerals in the world. Learning and valuing the beauty coming out of specific localities has always peeked my interests, especially minerals from places I've traveled, wanting to travel to, and their cultural significance.

    Some of my favorite pieces are not limited to inclusion quartz from Brazil to Chinese fluorite, and any combination of interesting minerals.

  • This is Honey! (Chief Fur Officer/Dog treats receiver)
    Honey was found on the streets of Brooklyn with long matted hair. She had terrible ear infections, wasn’t spayed, and lacked essential socialization skills. Within a couple months of belly rubs, chicken dinners, and lots of walks and naps, Honey became an integral part of the family.
    Now she’s a pro at naps, dreaming audibly, and chasing neighborhood cats. She's accustomed to NYC train delays, often sleeping through the entire ride. Her perpetual “resting bitch face” means she’s on top of quality control, never shipping anything not up to her standards. You can also follow her on Instagram.

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